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Before you can create an order or request a formal online quote, you need to register as a client page in our online order processing system (OPS). Registering consists of providing your contact and billing information as you want it to appear on your invoices. That information will populate your invoices automatically so that you don’t need to re-fill out that information with each order. Your information can be updated from your client page as needed.

How orders work
  • Use the Order Creation form with its file upload utility to submit each of your orders from your client page (left side, scroll down).
  • We review the order, perform word counts for invoicing, and assign the order to the most field-relevant or the requested associate(s). Depending on the time in the USA, your order may be processed immediately or several hours after submission. Login to check the current status.
  • When the assigned associate accepts your order, you’ll receive an email instructing you to download your invoice and proceed with your payment, if you have not already. To avoid delays in retrieving the completed documents, payments should be initiated promptly after the invoice is ready.
  • When the assigned associate uploads the completed files, you’ll receive an email instructing you to download them. To access a completed order, click on the order number in the order tracking box within your client page (right side). Within the order page are links to the editor's order summary and each revised document.
  • Editor revisions are shown as tracked changes; any additional suggestions or questions will appear in inserted comments in the right margin. We will be available for questions and follow-up work if needed. Completed orders will remain available to you indefinitely in your order archive.
  • We guarantee 100% confidentiality. Our clients’ data and ideas are never shared with anyone.


How quotes work
  • Use the Request a Formal Quote Form to obtain a formal quote PDF. There is a link to it in the “Financial tools” list of your client page (upper right) as well as near the top of the Order Creation form.
  • Within a day, you’ll receive an email letting you know your quote is ready for you in your client page. Click on the Quote number in the Quotes box.
  • The quote form can be printed and/or converted to an active order with a click. After converting it to an order, you have the opportunity to review the order form and made any necessary changes before submitting it. After you click the SUBMIT ORDER NOW button, it will be processed as above.
  • You are welcome to use our Quote Calculator to get a price estimate on your own. You can also email us at to request an estimate or discuss any concerns you may have about your project.

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