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The scientific writing process (1) Establish preliminary structure First, write the major headings appropriate for your target journal and paper type (e.g. Introduction, Methods, Results, Discussion). List tentative subheadings. For example, under Methods, one might have Study design, Subjects, Intervention, Beck anxiety inventory, Image acquisition, Image analysis, Genome-wide association study, and Data analysis. If you […]

Scientific English

Before you begin If you know the journal your paper, or your client’s paper, will be submitted to, you should look over an article of the same type from the target journal. In particular, pay careful attention to whether the journal encourages the use of first versus third person, active versus passive voice, past versus […]

Researchers identify novel potential combination therapy for childhood brain tumors

Combining compounds that relax DNA packing with intracellular signaling inhibitors may inhibit the growth of tumor cells by affecting their stem cell features Medulloblastoma, the most common brain cancer in children, may arise from biological abnormalities in neural stem cells or neuronal precursors during embryonic development. Indeed, the clinical challenges of treatment resistance and tumor […]

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