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Thanks Ann! One look at your work and I knew there was a big difference in my paper. Much  shorter, just like I asked.
Porto Alegre, Brazil

Thank you for finishing so quick. I showed coworkers and we think you did a great job.
Tokyo, Japan

I think your service has helped me to express my work properly. Many thanks.
Mexico City, Mexico

My paper reads much better now. Thank you for your great work.
Seoul, Korea

Your business was very easy to deal with. I see you do very good work. Thank you very much.
Tokyo, Japan

I appreciate the personal service. Great Job!!!
Los Angeles, USA


Editing Service Levels

The amount of work needed can vary greatly depending upon the client's needs. The standard editing service primarily includes editing for English presentation and flow of ideas. If your paper would benefit from more extensive editing, we offer Premium and Superior level services as described below. Importantly, if we find that a lower level of service is needed than was ordered by the client, we will charge for the lower service and will refund any unused additional fees. With respect to time, Write Science Right always errs on the side of the client.

Standard Editing
The editor will conduct a focused edit for clarity and readability in addition to correcting English grammar and syntax, followed by a final proofread. Revisions will be shown as tracked changes and additional comments or questions will be inserted as margin comments. The purpose of this work is to transform the paper such that it will read as if written by a native English speaker in the authorís field. This includes editing to improve eloquence, clarity and word choice, as well as cleaning up basic formatting. The editor will tell the client if there are organizational/content problems, but will not spend the additional time needed to fix these issues. Standard editing should be sufficient for most papers where non-native language presentation is the primary issue to be addressed. If you are not confident that the organization and general content presentation of your manuscript are up to professional publishable standards, then you would be well advised to consider one of our upgraded service levels.

Premium Editing
The editor will fulfill the goals of standard editing, but will also spend additional time for major revision / rewriting, reorganization, formatting, and/or aesthetic revision of tables and figures, as needed for the particular case. Premium editing actually gives the client a greater value as it provides up to double the time and effort of standard editing for 1.5X the price. Most papers that require extensive editing can be fulfilled at this rate.

Common issues that can be addressed with upgraded service include but are not limited to: (1) extensive editing of very difficult to read English, (2) reorganization such that each section includes the proper content (i.e., Results free of methods and interpretation; all general background in the Introduction rather than in the Discussion, etc.); (3) length reduction, especially by more than 10%; (4) rewriting of the final paragraph of the Introduction so that it sets up experimental design/hypotheses rather than giving away conclusions, (5) producing publication ready, aesthetic figures and tables from rough forms (described below), and (6) formatting document so that it is consistent with target journal requirements throughout. If your paper needs help with more than two of these issues, you may need Superior editing to allow ample working time.

Superior Editing
The editor will provide premium editing (described above) without the premium time cap (or with a maximum additional hours cap specified by the client). The editor will spend the additional time needed (to be billed hourly) for major rewriting, reorganization, formatting and aesthetic revision of tables and figures. This is a good option for clients who want to send a relatively rough draft, who need extensive help with organization, and/or who have multiple figures and tables that are not up to publication quality.


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