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Automated Quote Calculator

Editing and Translation Quotation
For standard editing, premium editing, and translation services, quotes can be calculated automatically based on the word count of your documents using the quote calculator below. For the other services that are charged hourly, it is difficult to produce an a priori quote. Registered clients can submit formal quote request forms from their client portal page. If you need to discuss your specific project in more detail, please inquire via the contact us page of our website.

Determining word counts for text files
To quickly determine the word count: (1) open each text file from your computer, (2) delete author details, (2) delete References (Bibliography) section, (3) delete any sections to be excluded. Microsoft Word will then provide an automated word count for you. If you are sending text in another program type file, you can paste all of the to-be-included text into Microsoft Word or Works to obtain an automated word count.

Word Count
  Regular Service Quote Rush Service Quote
Standard editing
Premium editing

* hourly costs cannot be automatically pre-calculated.

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