Dr. Kendra Viner

Kendra Viner received her Bachelor's degree in Biology at Willamette University and her Doctorate of Philosopy from the Dept. of Biomedical Sciences at the University of Pennsylvania.  She was funded by an NIAID Training Grant and was awarded the Saul Winegrad MD award for Outstanding Dissertation. Her graduate work investigated roles for nuclear factor-kappaB2 in mediating resistance to infection with the protozoan parasite, Leishamania major.  As a consequence she revealed novel functions for this transcription factor in myeloid cell activation and the development of T helper 1 immune responses.  Subsequently, she worked as a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Pennsylvania in the area of Biodefense research, helping to design improved vaccines against smallpox.  Kendra has published five first author papers and has 9 years of biological research and writing experience in parasitology, immunology, virology, cell biology, and molecular biology.  She will begin the Masters in Public Health program at Drexel University this Fall.