Dr. Johanna Craig

Johanna (Hanna) Craig holds graduate degrees from Texas A&M University in wildlife and fisheries biology, phylogenetic systematics and molecular toxicology, as well as post-doctoral fellowships in neuroendocrinology and bioinformatics at the Vollum and Virginia Bioinformatics Institutes, respectively. Hanna writes, edits, copyedits, and proofreads scientific manuscripts for publication, grant proposals and dissertations and theses.  She has written several award-winning grants, garnering over $1.3 million. She has authored numerous highly technical publications, has an in-depth understanding of the traditional and latest biochemical and molecular biology techniques and applications, and has worked extensively with animal models. Hanna has conducted microarray studies over a broad range of species and cell culture systems, as well as pathogen/host relationship investigations. Additional experience fields include: molecular biology, neuroscience, oncology, virology, infectious diseases, pathogenesis, pharmacology, psychology, physiology, plant science,  immunology, nutrition, aquaculture, clinical trials, development, endocrinology, genetics, public health, transcription regulation (chromatin, epigenetic, promoter binding), translation regulation, signal transduction, cell cycle, protein structure biology, computational biology, scientific advisory, disease database design, database curation & annotation, and statistical design & analysis.