Dr. Eric Codner

Eric Codner completed Bachelorís Degrees in Biochemistry and Chemistry, and then went on to complete his PhD. in 2001 in Analytical and Materials Chemistry at the University of Minnesota.  He is a member of the American Chemical Society and AAAS.  Eric has written numerous papers published peer reviewed journals as well as several patents.  His fields of expertise include analytical chemistry, materials chemistry, surface chemistry, applied spectroscopy, instrument design, MEMS and material processing, nanomaterials and sensors.  His personal research endeavors have focused on Indole-Ketone Condensation Products, Field-flow Fractionation as a potential tool for Analysis of Pollen in Soil Samples; Simultaneous Spectroscopic and Adhesion Measurements With a Tandem IR-JKR Instrument; Development of improved Surface Plasmon Resonance instrumentation for the detection of biological molecules; and Development of MEMS Field Emission Micro-Propulsion systems.