Dr. David Pillard

David Pillard received his undergraduate training at Central College in Pella, IA, where he majored in biology.  He completed is Master of Science degree at Western Illinois University, Macomb, working on ecological investigations on the Mississippi River. David received his doctorate degree at the University of North Texas, Denton, studying nutrient inputs predicted trophic levels of a reservoir under construction.  He is currently a Toxicologist and Program Manager with ENSR, and is the Technical Director of the company's Toxicology Laboratory.  He is a Certified Senior Ecologist and has participated in a variety of projects investigating the potential environmental impact of physical and chemical perturbations, including: toxicity of road and airplane deicer chemicals, impacts of a major marine oil spill on pelagic and benthic organisms, effects of ion imbalances in freshwater and marine systems, and development of long-term toxicity test protocols for emergent macrophytes.  Dr. Pillard has published numerous articles in peer-reviewed scientific journals and several book chapters on various aspects of environmental toxicology.