Dr. Catherine Neary

Catherine received her PhD from Thomas Jefferson University, where she worked in the laboratory of Dr. John Farber on cytoskeletal damage in an Alzheimer’s model as well as the intrinsic pathway of apoptosis.  She was then hired a postdoctoral fellow in the Cellular Biochemistry Section (CBS) of the Center for Cancer Research.  The CBS, lead by Dr. Yoon Sang Cho-Chung, studied all aspects of tumorigenesis related to the cAMP-dependent protein kinase (PKA).  Using confocal microscopy, Dr. Neary showed that overexpression of the an RII subunit results in its translocation to the cell nucleus.  Together with previous work in the laboratory, her work suggests that, in cells with high levels of RII, this subunit of PKA may be responsible for initiating expression of genes whose protein products are important for differentiation of the cell.  This data can be used in support of clinical trials in cancer patients whose tumor cells overexpress RI, with the aim of inducing cancer cells to redifferentiate and revert to non-cancerous phenotypes.  Dr. Neary has since continued her work in cell death with a project examining the consequences of calcium dysregulation secondary to compromised endoplasmic reticulum function at the National University of Ireland, Galway, in the National Centre for Biomedical and Engineering Sciences.