Dr. Annabelle (Mimi) M. Belcher

Mimi received her Bachelorís degree from Loyola University in New Orleans, where she majored in Psychology.  Prior to completing her PhD, she was a pre-doctoral Intramural Research Training Award fellow at the National Institutes of Health within the Laboratory of Neuropsychology.  Under the direction of Mortimer Mishkin, she developed a spatial memory task for use with non-human primates, investigating the effects of selective hippocampal lesions on task performance.  She received her PhD in Biological Sciences from the University of California, Irvine at the Department of Neurobiology and Behavior.  Her doctoral dissertation investigated the enduring behavioral and functional sequelae of neurotoxic administrations of methamphetamine.  Mimi has extensive experience with animal models of brain injury and drug addiction, and has published numerous peer-reviewed articles in scientific journals.  She has also served as a reviewer for several journals.  Her knowledge of techniques includes radioligand binding assays, immunocytochemistry, pharmacology, histology, animal models of drug addiction, stereotactic surgery, microscopy, excitotoxic lesions in non-human primates, in situ hybridization, neuroprotective mechanisms  and MRI-based evaluation of brain damage.