Dr. Amy Ralston

Dr. Amy Ralston received her undergraduate degree in Biochemistry from the Department of Chemistry at Oberlin College.  Dr. Ralston studied Drosophila developmental genetics and the biochemistry of growth factor signaling pathways in the Department of Zoology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where she earned her Ph.D.  She is currently pursuing postdoctoral research in mouse embryology and stem cell biology in Toronto, Canada.  Dr. Ralston has co-authored peer-reviewed research articles, review articles, and grant proposals both in the United States and Canada.  She has received several awards and is the founder and organizer of numerous journal clubs and research seminar series.  Dr. Ralston is fascinated by pattern formation and the genetic regulation of cell fate decisions during embryonic development.  As such, she has drawn heavily from the fields of developmental biology, cell biology, eukaryotic molecular genetics, cell signaling, and stem cell and regenerative biology.